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World Blood Donor Day Celebration – 14th June 2020

July 01, 2020 - by dyph.admin - in News

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On this World Blood Donor Day 14th June 2020 with a slogan – “Give blood and make the world a healthier place” on the theme “Safe blood saves lives”
We at DY Patil Hospital – Blood Bank – Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion Department bought an E-poster competition.
Theme – “Safe blood saves lives”
Slogan- “Give blood and make the world a healthier place”

Terms and Conditions-
– e-poster should be informative and attractive to read
– Poster Size A4 -210mm x 297mm
– The poster should follow the theme and slogan given
– The poster should be saved and submitted as .pdf file
– Open to all the general public, medical, paramedical and
DY Patil member
– All the registrations will be accompanied by the complete
entry of the form
– Registrations and submissions deadline – 15th June 2020-6 pm

Click on the link to do registration – https://bit.ly/eposter-

We would like to thank you all for your participation. The competition witnessed great energy and enthusiasm with extraordinary entries!

We are grateful for your time and the beautiful creativity shown in the competition.

Thank you all for being a part of this event and making it a success, hope to see you all in future events and competitions.

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