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DY Patil Hospital is one of the few hospitals with an inbuilt pharmacy. The pharmacy is integrated into the hospital for better medical care of the patients. The pharmacy here involves choosing, preparing, storing, compounding, and dispensing medications for in-patients as well as out-patients. The pharmacy is open 24/7 and accessible to all. The aim is to include the selection, prescription, procuration, delivery, administration, and review of medications to optimize patient outcomes. It is important to ensure that the right patient, dose, route of administration, time, drug, information, and documentation are taken care of when any medication is used. The goal of this pharmacy is to achieve good health with the right quality of medications.
  • The Hospital Pharmacy is catering to all pharmaceutical reputed drugs.
  • Medical Representatives to Hospital visits only on Tuesdays and Thursday’s between  11AM – 3PM
  • Pharmaceutical Companies can reach out to our hospital  – pharmacy.qoutation@dypatil.edu or WhatsApp on-  84259848370

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D Y Patil Hospital
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