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Operation Theatres


DY Patil Hospital has a full-fledged surgical unit. With advanced technological backup and immense expertise, the department is fully equipped to handle any kind of minor, major, and supra major surgeries.

Our operation theatres have state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the best available care to the patient. We take utmost precautions to avoid any surgical infection and warrant faster post-operative recovery in our specially designed recovery rooms and intensive care setup.


  • Total 16 Operation theaters
  • OT’s with Laminar Air Flow with Hepa filters
  • Ceiling suspended pendants for O2, suction, electricals, etc
  • Anesthesia Machines by Drager
  • Electro-hydraulic OT tables by Medifa, Maquet, Cognate
  • OT Lights from Dr.Mach (with camera)
  • Microscopes by Carl Zeiss
  • C-Arm from Siemens

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D Y Patil Hospital
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