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Intensive Care Unit

  • The Hospital has the following well equipped ICUs :
    • Surgical ICU
    • Medical ICU
    • Cardiac ICU
    • Paediatrics ICU
    • Neonatal ICU
  • Well equipped with high end ventilators, cardiac monitors with modules, syringe pumps and all facilities for Basic Life Support (BLS), these help provide the best medical care by qualified doctors and nursing staff for critically ill patients.
  • Bedside and centralized monitoring systems and V24 invasive monitors are available for each bed.
  • Each ICU bed has centralized medical gases, compressed air & suction and has a nurse – patient ratio in ICU is 1:1.
  • The NICU has incubators, ventilators, neonatal resuscitation tray, warmer, a separate feeding room etc.
  • State of the art Ventilators and On fusion Pumps are provided for each patient
  • Emergency portable bedside 2D Echocardiography,USG and X-Ray are available for better patient diagnostics.
  • This is supported by a well equipped round the clock diagnostic Laboratory.
  • C-PAP machine for non-invasive ventilator support complement the ventilators as well.
  • Warming Blankets for maintaining optimal patient temperature.

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