The core essence of Anaesthesiology is the practice of anesthesia. This compromises the various uses of anesthesia through injected or inhaled medication to produce a loss of sensation in patients, which makes it possible for the surgeons to operate without causing any distress or discomfort to the patients. The anaesthesiologists play a key role in major trauma, resuscitation, airway management, etc. Anesthesiology is needed in various specialties and sub-specialties like organ transplants, cardiac surgeries oncosurgery, orthopedic, etc along with anesthesiology services provided to plastic surgery, ENT, radiology, gynecology, etc. The department of anesthesiology is dedicated entirely to the patient’s medical care and effective treatment.

Some of the major services Provided:-

  1. Facet Joint Block
  2. Epidural Steroid Injection
  3. Perforating Injury (Chest Wall)
  4. Sciatica-Femoral Block
  5. Removal of V
  6. Vascular Tumor (Large Haemangioma)

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