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Challenging Surgery Case in Pandemic

May 24, 2021 - by dyph.admin - in Success Stories

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A eleven month old girl got a fresh lease of life after ENT doctors of DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai extracted a 2 cm earring which she accidentally swallowed twenty days ago.

The foreign body was detected when the baby started getting cough and fever, raising concern of COVID 19. She was breathless for two days. They took her to DY Patil Hospital, Navi Mumbai which conducted a chest X-ray suspecting Pneumonia, made an incidental discovery of a sharp foreign body.

Foreign bodies in children are always challenging and in this case, as the foreign body was 20 days old, the child was less than a year old, having fever and requiring oxygen 2 liters per minute (with Covid status unknown) it was all the more demanding.

Dr. Bhavika Verma Bhatt, Assistant Professor in the ENT department assisted by Dr. Tanush Shah (Our Covid warriors) successfully extracted the foreign body, giving the child a new life.

This would not have been possible without the support of the anesthesia team of Dr. Neha under the guidance of Dr. Gehdoo, Dr. Vaswani, Dr. Varsha, and Dr. Vardhan.

The baby is hale and hearty, currently under the supervision of the Department of Paediatrics. The family members are happy and thankful to the hospital team for their prompt work and plead with others to keep the kids away from sharp objects. Dr. Bhavika says it’s always teamwork and effort and she is thankful to Dr. Vijay D Patil sir for his constant support and encouragement and to the entire administration of the Hospital.

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