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Chief Executive Officer
Professor – Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

From the CEO’s Desk

A warm welcome from D Y Patil Hospital

With this Hospital coming closer to nearly 2 decades of services in the healthcare industry, it is quite pleasing to turn back the pages of history to see thousands of smiling faces. Over these years, delivery of quality healthcare service which is in line with Quality Policy of the organization has been the focal point at every level.

We have a dedicated and highly qualified team of Medical, Administrative and Support staff. The Consultants in various departments are among the best Specialists in the city. With robust technology, qualified and highly trained staff, we are able to offer excellent services. Employees join our team with different skill sets, which gives us the opportunity to do tailor-training to meet every individual needs. This whole wonderful package among other things is what ensures a high and affirmed quality of service for all people who visit D Y Patil Hospital.

We are constantly increasing and improving the services of our Hospital, both in curative and preventive healthcare applications. As always, we are looking to improve our care and service to you. We shall only be glad to work towards serving you.

Wishing you good health at all times.


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