Dr. D. Y. Patil

His Excellency, Governor of Tripura.

In the realm of education and healthcare in the state of Maharashtra, one name stands out like a shining beacon, that of Dr. D. Y. Patil. His vision, dedication and passion have been indelibly influenced by his wisdom and generosity; and have justify several benchmarks, be it in the schools for imparting basic education or institutes for higher learning.

His regard and respect for traditional values and openness to modern ideas, blend perfectly with his admirable personality. The Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology in Navi Mumbai, established two decades ago and the Krish Vigyan Kendra in Kohlapur bear a testimony to his chosen causes. Amongst the various institutes (160 and counting) founded by him, the Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil University at Navi Mumbai is virtually the jewel in his crown.

Humble and unassuming, Dr. D.Y. Patil is better known for his work, rather than the awards and recognition he has received over the years. For his pioneering contribution in the field of education, he was honoured with the title ‘Padmashree’ by the President of India.

After assuming office as the Governor of the State of Tripura, his Excellency Dr.D.Y.Patil has relinquished all executive positions of the group. Nonetheless, he still remains our source of guidance and motivation.

Message from our Founder Chancellor

“We started our education journey close to four decades ago in the 1980s with the idea of making good education accessible and empowering the youth of India to compete and excel in an accelerating global enterprise. Throughout the course of this long and rewarding journey, our endeavour has been to build a diverse yet welcoming community that can be instrumental in shaping the future of our country. The possibilities of the future generations are defined by the world we choose to create for them & hence we’ve tried to create an ecosystem that offers equal opportunities for students to learn, grow and excel. As the world grows smaller and more connected, we’re beginning to live and work with people who don’t look like us, don’t think like us, don’t come from the same place as us, and don’t share the same values and principles as us. In this converging of the world into one large community, lies the biggest opportunity of the current generation. The opportunity to come together, exchange perspectives and collectively solve problems and do good for the entire human race. At the DYPU School of Public Health, we intend to play host to this convergence of ideas and values. We have worked on creating a learning environment where every moment is an opportunity to understand, question and reinvent the way the world works. We hope to play our part in helping young minds across the globe realise their limitless potential.”