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Executive Health Check up

Compassion, Care, Cure that is the vision of Dr. D.Y. Patil Hospital and Research Center, a multispecialty hospital. We deal with compassion, take care of all your needs, cure with skill. Every human being has the right to live a healthy life. Good Health is the foundation of a productive & rewarding life. Our health gets affected due to today’s increased stress, food habits, pollution, sedentary lifestyles.

Keeping this in mind, we are providing you with a panel of Health professionals for health check up Programme.

Important Guidelines For Health Check up :-

  • Reporting time for health check up – 8.30 am.
  • Please be fasting from 10.00pm the previous day. You may however take your usual tablets half an hour before breakfast for diabetes & BP tablets with sip of water. In case you are to undergo a stress test please enquire with your physician or family doctor as to which medication to avoid.
  • All investigation reports available on the same day evening except Pap smear, Australlia antigen, Ultrasonography, Mammography, PSA, T3 T4 tsh. The typed Medical summary report along with any other additional investigations will available after 2 days.
  • There is expected time gap between two investigations/consultations.
  • Please avoid alcoholic drink 72 hours before the health check up and bp tablets to be taken immediately after breakfast.
  • Bring your stool sample in clean container.
  • Please remove contact lenses, if used by you two days prior to health check up. (only for opthal checkup.)
  • Please wear loose clothing and minimum jewellary.
  • Breakfast available.


  • Dialysis
  • ECG / Stress Test (Tread Mill Test )
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Audiometry / Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy/ Physiotherapy
  • PUVA Therapy
  • ECG
  • Chemo Therapy
  • Ambulance Servicesc
  • 24 Hour Pharmacy
  • Centralized Medical gas System with compressed Air.
  • Bed side multipara monitors with centralized Monitoring system in I.C.C.U.
  • Bone Mineral densitometry (spine &hip;) recommended adove the age of 40 years.
  • Special Package rates are available for groups.


  • Pre Employment
  • Industrial workers
  • Special packages for women
  • Children package
  • Diabetic health check up package
  • Cancer health check up package
  • Senior citizen
  • Routine health check up for healthy adult

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