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Covid-19 update

Manpas also has a large base of private hospitals in the epidemic
Arrangement of 400 beds in DY Patil Hospital The general hospital of the municipality has also been shifted.

The Corporation has also enlisted the help of private hospitals to save the people of Navi Mumbai from the Corona epidemic. The general hospital of the corporation in Vashi, DY Patil has been shifted to the hospital. There are 400 beds for the corona. Apart from this, a mass screening campaign is also being carried out in the city along with Manpa.

Corona patients have been found in Navi Mumbai since March 13. At present, the number of patients in the city is 3998 and the death toll is 121. Considering the growing number of patients, Municipal Commissioner

– Annasaheb Misal has also started seeking help from private hospitals. In this, Nerul D Y Patil Hospital. After the decision of the corporation to convert the general hospital in Vashi into a dedicated Covid hospital, the question arose as to where to send the patients here. At this time D Y Patil management has shown readiness to provide treatment to the patients of the corporation at the concession of the corporation itself and from April 6, referral of patients has started there.

So far 1570 patients have been referred in OPD and 775 patients in IPD. Corporation team is deployed there for monitoring. This has largely solved the problem of treatment for diseases other than corona in the city.
Also for corona patients DY Patil Hospital has provided a complete wing. Till now, 300 beds were being provided there. Recently, the Municipal Commissioner has discussed with the management and suggested increasing the number of beds by 100. As a result, 400 beds will be made available from now on. Ventilator facility for extra beds will be provided through the municipality. The incremental beds will be operational soon.

Some hospitals have closed their clinics since Corona’s outbreak began. Private doctors’ clinics have also closed. The corporation has taken action against some hospitals. In this situation, however, some private hospitals have started cooperating well, which has led to the success of the Corporation’s system in combating corona. If all the private hospitals like DY Patil and other hospitals cooperate, it will be possible to provide better health facilities to the citizens.

Details of patients in DY Patil Hospital
Non Covid OPD from April 6, 1570
Non Covid IPD 775
Covid OPD 2258 from April 20
Covid IPD 788

The co-operation of private hospitals is also being sought in the context of Corona. Nerul Patients from the first reference hospital of the corporation are being sent to DY Patil Hospital. There are already 300 beds available for Corona patients and 100 more will be added soon.
-Annasaheb Misal, Municipal Commissioner

It is important that everyone contributes to the fight against the global epidemic of corona. We are trying to cooperate with the corporation as much as possible by maintaining proper communication. The Corporation is also treating the patients of the General Hospital and Covid patients for which all the doctors and staff of the hospital are cooperating properly.
-Dr. Vijay D Patil, President,
DY Patil Group

In coordination with the Corporation, maximum facilities are being provided to the people of Navi Mumbai. Covid and non-covid patients are also being treated. The number of beds for corona will be increased and the corporation will provide a ventilator for this.
– Dr. Rahul Peddawad, CEO, DY Patil Hospital

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